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2018 ACC Foundation: The State of Cybersecurity Report

Cybersecurity touches every aspect of consumer and corporate culture today. Preventing, preparing for and responding to data breaches in real time is a chief concern for individuals, corporate leaders and government regulators. Download the 2018 ACC Foundation: The State of Cybersecurity Report, underwritten by Ballard Spahr LLP, and learn what more than 600 corporate counsel say about their cybersecurity experiences, role, and practices.  The full report includes common preventative tactics, lessons learned from those who have experienced a breach (including how the breach occurred and who was affected), and more.  Key findings include current cybersecurity practices, prevention, protection, and response from hundreds of companies across 33 countries.


2018 ACC Foundation: The State of Cybersecurity Report - Full Report

2018 ACC Foundation: The State of Cybersecurity Report - Key Findings


There has never been a better time to capitalize on the talents of female in-house counsel yet, women face real barriers to advancement. High-performing female lawyers exiting the legal profession leave a "leaky pipeline" to senior legal positions. It is in these senior positions that women have the greatest effect on the bottom line; hence, efforts to repair this pipeline may be necessary sooner rather than later. ... [ full article ]

The ACC Foundation is committed to advancing the collective interests of the in-house bar, particularly in the areas of benchmarking, surveys and research. With a global reach and a dedicated research department, the ACC Foundation is in a unique position to conduct quality surveys and gather meaningful research in a timely fashion. With this knowledge, in-house counsel are better poised to understand best practices among corporate legal departments. For instance, benchmarking data and reported industry trends can help your organization:
  • Attract and retain talented individuals;
  • Benchmark best practices;
  • Increase efficiency; and
  • Lower legal spend.

For more information on how you can partner with the ACC Foundation and support our research efforts through underwriting and sponsorship opportunities, please contact Jennifer Chen, Director of the ACC Foundation.

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